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Rendering services in Melbourne have become quite popular. We are proud to be some of the pioneers of the industry and we have over 20 years of experience in different rendering styles and services. We are your ultimate solution as we cover all types of rendering services in Melbourne and the neighborhoods. We specialise in:

  • ​ Sand and cement rendering
  • Acrylic render
  • Sand finish
  • Polystyrene cladding
  • Molding installation
  • House rendering
  • Commercial rendering
  • Brick rendering
  • Residential rendering
  • Rough cast render
  • Solid plastering
  • And much more

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                                              Acrylic Rendering

Our acrylic rendering and texture services are an improved version of the conventional cement rendering service. This is refined, and will have a consistent mixture which tends to provide you with more flexibility. This has become one of the most common rendering services in Melbourne.

                                            Cement Rendering

Sand and cement rendering is available for different uses. This is the traditional rendering Melbourne and there are few renderers who offer this product. We mix our products by hand and will be washed with sands. This is what gives us quality assurance. The cement render can be used for house rendering as well as commercial rendering.

                                          Solid Plastering

If you have an aged render, then you can use the solid plastering service to give it a new look. This comes in handy when you want to improve on design imperfections and is availed in different colors.

                         Render Repair and Restoration

There is a skilled team of experts who will specifically handle render repair Melbourne and restoration services. The repairs are carried out across all types of acrylic rendering and texture and we ensure that our works match the existing coatings. We offer fast and reliable services, which has made a number of insurance builders partner with us.

                                         Concrete Rendering

Concrete patching and rendering are some of the tailored services that we offer to our clients. This type of Melbourne rendering will be used to enhance your concrete solutions. We will offer concrete patching and rendering and this will be in line with what you need. Whatever it is that you are looking for, you will get it from the best renderer Melbourne.

                                               Feature Walls

Rendering Melbourne is one of the services that allow creativity to thrive. Feature walls are used as finishes for various places, including the internal brick walls, firewall and much more. This is a decorative finish, which gives your old walls a modern finish. Solid plastering can be used in this case and we will be innovative in our service delivery.

                         Affordable Rendering Services Melbourne

If you are looking for rendering services, then you should go for the best. We are here to offer you top quality rendering products and services at an affordable price. We will help you maintain the rendered walls and fix the ones that need to be fixed. Our team of talented and creative experts will give your property a new and fresh appearance. Call us today and try our home rendering services, which will transform your property. Book your appointment with one of our knowledgeable consultants.

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